I went to Cherry Hill Triplex to look a KIA Sportage. I had told them I was just looking but was interested but that my husband was sick in the hospital and I would have to wait and speak with him.

I had never bought a car on my own with someone else consulting. They told me I could take the car back to Pennsylvania and show my husband and bring it back in a couple of days. I had signed paperwork which I thought was just saying I was taking the car on a temporary basis to show my husband. I asked them if anything happened to the car would it be covered under insurance they said yes under my State Farm.

Unfortuneately the next day, less than 24 hours later I had gone to another dealership near my house in Pennsylvania to compare pricing. Unfortuneately, I was hit by a box truck while I was parked at the other dealer and my rear quarter panel was torn off. I called Cherry Hill Triplex and they told me to bring the car back, no obligation. I took the car back next day and was told that I had already signed papers to purchase which I was totally unaware of.

I felt that I had no choice but to take the vehicle because they had already put a sale sign on my trade-in. I cried the whole way home feeling that I was totally taken advantage of because I was there on my own. I thought they were rude and ignorant. They also promised me a sunroof which never happened.

There were no notes anywhere. They should be sued......and shut down.

I should of researched them further before purchasing from them.

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I'd be happy to discuss your concerns. Please call us at 856-382-1680, tell them you have a customer service issue and you'd like to speak to the department manager. The triplex of yore is NOT the triplex of today, we have an entirely different management team.


It's a shame how they take advantage of people. You need to call or file a complaint online with the nj consumer affairs office.

They will represent you for free. They have been sued in the past and can't afford another law suit. I have a complaint on file now and a possible law suit against them.

If they pushed you into the extra warranty, use that as your complaint as well. You can google Foulke Management and see the lawsuit that was brought against them.

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #136040

You should have read the contract before signing it. They took advantage of your ignorance. They say there is a sucker born eveyr minute.

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