I just bought a 03 Nissan Murano, and the a-holes did this:

1. after asking repeatedly for the spare keys, they told me and my wife after the deal was signed that they only had one key and w/o the keyless entry remote

2. after saying they would help out with getting a 2nd key/fob, they refused and the dishonest supervisor also refused to let me speak to the sales manager and asked me to leave

3. After asking numerous times about the inspection report, they did not give it to me, and reassured me that if anything needed to be done, it would have been caught in the 140point check and if needed to be fixed it would have. That being said, Nissan did used car check and they reported $5,000 worth of highly recommended maintenance and if not completed, it would not pass a safety inspection.

They are A-Holes and I would never recommend someone buying from them!

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All of negative replies must be the sleazy scums that works there. I was taken the same way with the keys and what not, however I am not finished and I am not silent. I will ensure that these lying fat lazy men oops I mean FA***** will never beable to afford another twinkie again..


Sounds like Nissan seen you coming SUCKER! LOL! ur an ***!

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