I went to the Cherry Hill Kia dealership to purchase a second vehicle. They didn't have what I wanted so I went home. The next day I got a call from a service manager, Jordan.

Stated they just got a trade-in. A 2010 Kia Sportage. I went in to see the vehicle. It was in one of the service bays undergoing a maintenance check, I was informed by Robert Sheared. The vehicle was brought out for a visible check on the entire vehicle. The vehicle was filthy, inside and out.

They had the vehicle detailed, I dropped it off. They brought the vehicle to my home.

My fiance went down to get the keys. The outside of the vehicle looked very nice.

However, the interior was never cleaned.

I tried to hand clean as best I could. But its too filthy and areas I cannot get clean.

I called Mr. Sheared to inform him of this. He responded saying the vehicle was

detailed cleaned. I asked, " if the interior was cleaned". He responded by telling me

my fiance checked the vehicle upon return. Which isn't true. My fiance only went down

and got the key for me because I was sleeping, at the time.

I have attached pictures to show the filthe. You can see the areas. This vehicle wasn't

detail cleaned inside.

I was told by Robert Sheared that I would have to pay the cost of the interior cleaning.

I am presently trying to contact the Car Wash I normally use for my 2011 Kia. However, due to the weather, they haven't been open.

I make a very good income; I don't need to do this if I was wrong. I would just get it cleaned. The dealership gave me a very dirty vehicle. I know I shouldn't have accepted the vehicle at the time in the condition it was in. Now I have to deal with this.

I can be reached through my email: tlicious8@yahoo.com

Monetary Loss: $200.

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Levelland, Texas, United States #918732

*** buyer if you have good job just buy a brand new car period

Moorestown Township, New Jersey, United States #901568

So,is that all you have to *** about?Go get the frigging thing cleaned,i mean you make a good income,right,so STFU!


take your email off of your complaint, and check here for responses.


You should have the vehicle completely checked out. Looks like there could be some other stuff going on you may not know about.


Don't let them get away with this. They have lots of bad reports. Bad reputation.


I've read the reviews on this place. Many pissed and dissatisfied customers who have paid very large amounts of money for service and vehicles to this place.

How are they getting away with this stuff? I'd report them to the Better Business Bureau.

Orlando, Florida, United States #593665

A little fussy are we. You are a joke and your pictures show nothing.

Buya new car and be satisfied. You are indeed a a fuss budget and a pain to deal with.!!!!!!!!

to alq #900947

Thank you, alq, for letting us know where you are (Orlando, Florida) and the kind of obnoxious attitude that many used car dealers have for their customers. If you would treat your customers right, you would make more money.

The cost of customer aquisition (advertising) is much higher for companies which do not have good word of mouth referrals.

So bad dealers shoot themselves in the foot. Good luck with that.

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