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My fiance and I purchased a vehicle from cherry hill triplex. They failed to mention many things about the vehicle.

They false advertised it, and sold us a vehicle they KNEW had problems. They knew we had a 7 week old son (who was with us at the time) and still managed to take our money for a car that isn't safe or drivable because of THEIR OWN service department. They received their check in full (we didn't go through their finance department) so the vehicle is OURS. they sent it to another dealer to get the cracked transmission fixed, than 2 days later, with NO phone call, we called the dealer and they said someone had picked up our car.

well, where was our car? where was a phone call that we authorized them to take our vehicle else where? there was none. We had no idea where OUR vehicle was.

Now we are getting nothing but the run around, they have our money, and they have our car. This is by far the WORST dealership to exist and they really should be shut down for fraud, false advertising, and overall they just down right take advantage of people.

Sales there is horrible and NO ONE should EVER purchase a vehicle there. and if so, you were warned.

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I am in the middle os suing them for selling em a BRAND NEW CAR with A BAD TRANSMISSION!!!!!!!!!

NEVER GO TO CHERRY HILL TRIPLEX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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