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I have been in contact with Cherry Hill Kia and nothing has changed. I have been contacted by customer service specialists who idea of good customer service is to say they are sorry that this happened to me?

really? To me words mean nothing. The fact that these folks altered the contract to make the figures work to their advantage is fraud and as I read I see that the warranty I was forced to take or the bank wouldnt finance was fraud. I have reported them to Consumer affairs and will continue to do what I can to make them be accountable for their actions.

I was taken advantage of in my moment of weakness and felt I had no choice to make the second deal on the Kia since I knew that the Impala was truly a lemon.

I was stuck. I bought a lemon and needed a car!

Original review posted by user Jan 21, 2013

I trusted the salesman James Davis. Very wrong thing to do.

He is a puppet for the real snakes!! I bought a 2005 Impala 7900.00 that had a list of issues and he solicted I come back and he would make it right. Basically I gave him another oppurtunity to steal my money. He said they had a 2011 Kia Forte that management was will to provide a deal on.

BULL! He said I would be refunded the warranty purchased on 2005 Impala and give me 5000.00 trade in on it, all he could do. I figured the refund on the warranty would offset my 2900.00 loss. BULL.

Mad I was so ***!!

None of the figures on the agreement matched and they were so smooth I signed the agreement. Lied flat out. I was green and they saw me coming. Do not go to this dealership.

They behave like a bunch of children and laugh at you when you come in and complain cause they know that they ripped you off and I believe they enjoy watching people go off.

Its a shame and I hope for every person they have taken advantage of, that karma come back to them to fold. Theives!

Monetary Loss: $5600.

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